Community Guide

SOSAFE is a neighborhood security platform. We help to build safer neighborhoods, more collaborative communities and more organized cities around the world.

We want all of us who are part of the SOSAFE community to feel welcome and safe in it. To achieve this, collaboration and respect towards others are necessary. That is why we created this Community Guide. Because we want you to be able to live in a quieter neighborhood, better connected with your neighbors and with the support of public institutions. When we work together we can solve problems more easily, quickly and build better neighborhoods.

This Community Guide is for those of us who use SOSAFE to enjoy a pleasant and collaborative atmosphere.

❤️ Be collaborative and respectful

Collaborate and look for how to help the other. When we work together and help others, problems are solved faster and easier. Tolerance and respect for others are extremely important for us to be able to dialogue and achieve this. It is good that there are also people who think differently from us, this could enrich the conversation and allow us to achieve better solutions together. Speak well of yourself if you manage to say things without insulting or offending anyone.

The institutions also need your help and support. Remember that the person who attends a report is a person just like you doing their job and trying to help. So collaborate with them, do not criticize or insult them. Resources are limited and this must be understood. We will not always be able to solve problems immediately, but it does help us to give visibility to what is happening in order to solve it in the future. It is the first step that must be taken.

A kind gesture, it costs nothing.

😊 Report useful information for all

Report useful information for all. Make SOSAFE useful for everyone who uses it. Worry about reporting things that are not only of interest to you, but also of the community and authorities.

When a conversation opens in SOSAFE, it may take unexpected turns. You may find content that you do not like but that does not violate the Community Guidelines. In these cases, simply let the conversation flow and seek to find common ground. If you see a report or comment that is offensive, discriminatory, racist, class, fraudulent, or in general, inappropriate, you can report the person who made it. The reported reports and comments are subsequently reviewed to determine if they merit being concealed. In some cases, this may even lead to the temporary or definitive suspension of user accounts that violate the Community Guidelines and misuse SOSAFE.

😱 Do not panic

There are situations in which people report security problems or other types of concerns in their neighborhoods. This does not necessarily mean that the sector is dangerous or unattended. It is simply giving visibility to something that happened recently and that could be improved or require assistance. Therefore, do not be scared when you get a notification through SOSAFE because they have reported an incident near your home. Do not live in a constant alarm situation. SOSAFE seeks to notify you of things that may be of interest to you and that are generated by the community itself.

The first step to live more secure is to know what happens in order to take action. If we know what happens in our environment, we can walk with more care and awareness. Therefore, always keep calm and be a moderator in the community. When you see someone over-react to an event, ask for calmness and collaboration.

Conversations are much more fruitful when we propose and help each other. For the same reason, avoid negative language and do not generalize. A problem that occurs a couple of times does not mean it always happens. Let's take care of the language we use so as not to fall into hasty judgments that may harm others.

🏡 Take care of the SOSAFE community

Each and every one of us is part of the SOSAFE community. Keeping the community healthy and united is everyone's task. Many disputes and misunderstandings can be resolved directly among the members of the community. If you see a conflict or someone who is violating these community norms, ask him in a friendly and positive way not to do so.

Be a good neighbor and try others too.

🐽 Offensive comments

Our community grows every day and we do our best to welcome new members in an environment without offensive content. For this, we trust people like you. If you see something in SOSAFE that you think violates our Community Guidelines, report it. We have a team that reviews the information that is reported to ensure that SOSAFE is a safe, friendly and collaborative place.

Keep in mind the following:

  • We can take action each time the Community Rules that are described here are violated.
  • Reporting something does not guarantee its elimination, because it may not violate our policies.
  • Our content reviewers will contact you to find out why a publication may be violating our policies. If you report content, tell us why it should be deleted (for example, if it is a nude or if it is written with offensive language) so that we can send it to the appropriate reviewer in each case.
  • The decisions we make in our reviews may change at times if we receive more context from certain reports or comments.
  • The number of complaints does not influence the decision to delete something or block a user's account.
  • The consequences of violating our Community Regulations vary depending on the severity of the violation and the history of the person in SOSAFE. For example, we can send a warning to someone in a first infraction, but if we continue to observe others later, we can prevent that person from publishing content in SOSAFE or permanently blocking it.

Not all unpleasant or uncomfortable content violates our Community Guidelines. Often, people solve the problems they have by contacting or mentioning the person who published it.

🌈 Discrimination and racism

At SOSAFE we ​​reject all types of discrimination. We are all people who deserve respect regardless of our gender, age, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, disability or illness.

If you see a suspicious activity, report it. But before reporting you have to consider the following:

  • A suspicious activity is not a crime nor does it involve crime.
  • Try to be descriptive and raise the question before judging.
  • Describe the person or vehicle and the events that are happening with specific details.

These three questions can help you better describe a suspicious fact:

  • What - focus on the behavior that seems suspicious.
    Describe what is happening or doing the suspicious person. Also what you are saying or yelling. It indicates where it came from or in what direction it is going.
  • Who - gives a detailed description of the person, persons or vehicles involved.
    The more details you can give, the better. If it is a person: age, height, weight, clothing, not only gender and race. If it is a vehicle: patent, brand, model, color, how many people inside it and where it is going.
  • Where - the location and address matter.
    Remember that in SOSAFE you can indicate exactly, moving and adjusting the central pin of the map, the place of the suspicious activity. Also add the street and numbering, if it is in a square, next to a building, or other details that can help better locate where it is happening.

Delivering details is very useful for neighbors and police in the sector. With this you are helping others know what to look for when reporting a suspicious activity and stay tuned.You can see a complete list of activities that the police consider suspicious here.

🥊 Aggressions and violence

Do not be aggressive or violent to post, comment or act. At SOSAFE we ​​do not promote or support violence of any kind.

Assaults and violence can occur both psychologically and physically. Do not insult or offend other members of the SOSAFE community. Use positive language. If you see that there are people insulting each other, remind them that it is not the spirit of the community to be treated like this and that they can dialogue the differences in a good way. Moderate the tone of the conversation if you notice that people are just criticizing, exaggerating or being merely pessimistic.

In some cases, it is possible that the neighbors manage to arrest and detain an offender. Once this is done, do not hit it or mistreat him. He is also a person who deserves respect despite our annoyance or anger. It also considers that justice is more likely to be released if it shows injuries or aggressions caused by third parties. The best thing in these cases is to keep him and wait for the police to take him away. If you want to collaborate with justice, present as much evidence as possible with descriptions, images, videos or testimonies that you can also do in SOSAFE.

Violence only generates more violence.

🐞 Spam and fraud

Spam and fraud Spam involves contacting other members of the SOSAFE community with content or unwanted requests. This term encompasses the sending of mass messages, the excessive publication of links, images, or multimedia in general in comments or reports. We also consider as spam to report the same fact that has already been reported, someone diverting the conversation around an issue, take advantage of the attention of others to present ideas for political purposes or personal interest over the community interest, advertise a product or service in a wrong category.

By fraud, we understand any type of report that does not reflect an actual fact, users that impersonate the identity of others or use accounts with false data, deliver information that is intentionally wrong or that may harm other people.

Remember that you can always report these cases in order to maintain a collaborative and useful environment for all members of the community.

👤 Use your true identity

Use your true identity The use of your real first and last name helps create a safer community. By supporting your opinions and actions with real names, the community is more responsible. Therefore, it is a requirement that in SOSAFE you use your name and real data. We can eliminate profiles that pass themselves off as other people or that are not real. Remember that you are interacting with people and that is why it is important that you present yourself in an honest way.
By fraud, we understand any type of report that does not reflect an actual fact, users that impersonate the identity of others or use accounts with false data, deliver information that is intentionally wrong or that may harm other people.

We want you to meet your neighbors in real life so they can generate better relationships of trust. For this reason, it is important for the community that your profile picture is yours. This way they will be able to recognize that you are from the neighborhood and create safer neighborhoods.  Do not share sensitive information.

🔒 Do not share sensitive information

We suggest that you take the necessary precautions when providing information in SOSAFE and on the internet in general, especially if it is your private address, location, telephone number or any other sensitive data. People are not always who they say they are and you need to be careful around anyone who asks for your personal information, some private contact information, or other people's personal information.

Sharing or disclosing personal information of third parties or other people is also prohibited. Doing this also with the purpose of harming someone is a serious offense and can cause the permanent blocking of the account of the person committing the offense.

👮🏻 We collaborate with police and institutions

We collaborate with police and institutions SOSAFE also participates in public institutions and services that seek to help the community. We collaborate with them so they can help you better and take better measures to build safer neighborhoods and smarter cities.

They have a special SOSAFE that allows them to better manage their resources, give you useful information and in some cases assist you when you need it. Some of these services are police, firefighters, ambulances, rescuers and municipalities. They can also send sectorized messages to neighborhoods and the community.