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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I link my SAFE Tag to an item?
What kind of items can be protected with a SAFE Tag?

Any item you want that has a smooth surface for the label to stick to it.

Are SAFE Tag stickers waterproof?

SAFE Tag stickers are made of vinyl with P4 adhesive, which is highly adherent. That makes them water resistant but they are not designed to be submerged for long periods of time under water.

What happens if I buy a SAFE Tag and it doesn't work?

In the (unlikely) case that your SAFE Tag does not work, please write to us at so that we can help you and send you a new one.

Is it guaranteed that I will recover my lost item?

We cannot guarantee that you will recover your lost item, but experience shows that with a SAFE Tag you have up to 9 times more chances of recovering it.

Do you share my data and information?

The only information shared when a SAFE Tag gets scanned is your mobile phone number (so the user can contact you to help you recover your lost item), your first name, SAFE Tag image, SAFE Tag name, and SAFE Tag contact message (if any).

Do I have to share my location when I scan a SAFE Tag?

Not if you don't want to, but sharing your location is very helpful to the SAFE Tag owner. When you scan a SAFE Tag, we will ask you if you want to share that SAFE Tag's location. When you accept, we take your mobile's phone location once and then share it with the SAFE Tag owner. There is no live location sharing when you do this, it only happens once to let know the SAFE Tag owner where the lost item is.

What information does someone who scan my SAFE Tag see?

Your first name (as it appears on your SOSAFE account), your SAFE Tag name, photo, and contact message (optional). If the person who finds your SAFE Tag wants to contact you through WhatsApp or call you, they may see your mobile phone number. All this helps you get in touch with the person who scanned your SAFE Tag so you can recover your lost item.

How do I delete or deactivate a SAFE Tag?

To delete or deactivate a SAFE Tag, go to SOSAFE's main Menu, then "My SAFE Tags", select the SAFE Tag you want to delete or deactivate. On the SAFE Tag details view, select the options menu (the "···" on the upper right corner), then select "Delete SAFE Tag" and confirm on "Yes, delete". Once a SAFE Tag is deleted, it cannot be undone. This will make your SAFE Tag available again to anyone who scans it.

How do I apply my SAFE Tag to my items?

SAFE Tags are stickers, so make sure the surface is clean and smooth before sticking them on your items. Alcohol (or similar) is recommended to clean the surface  as it effectively removes grease. For delicate surfaces, it is recommended to use a softer product. Once the surface is clean and dry, paste the SAFE Tag where you like.

Does someone who finds a lost item and scans its SAFE Tag need to have the SOSAFE app?

No. SAFE Tags will work even if the person who finds and scans your lost item's SAFE Tag, does not have SOSAFE. Having the SOSAFE app gives you more options to reach the SAFE Tag's owner through SOSAFE's private chat. Not having the SOSAFE app will give the user the option to reach the SAFE Tag owner through a WhatsApp or a phone call.

What can I do if a made a mistake when linking a SAFE Tag?

Don't worry, remember you can always edit your SAFE Tag's information after you have linked them. You can also delete your linked SAFE Tags on SOSAFE to make them available for linking again.

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