Let's help each other by reporting what's going on out there.

From accidents or suspicious activity, to lost pets in your neighbordhood. SOSAFE will inform nearby people of what's happening and available local services so we can all help each other and be safe.

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Safety Alerts

Know what's going on from robberies, drug activity or car thefts, to traffic accidents, lost pets or fires –and anything in between.

Incident Reports

Publish an incident anytime, anywhere, with total anonymity, and follow authorities' response in the report thread.

Pin Maps

Pins show what kinds of things are happening in a given area. We update them as activity increases.


Help resolve an incident by add photos, videos, and comments to a report so your community has all the information.

Private Groups

Create private chats with your friends, family, and trusted neighbors to notify them when you report something.

Report Feed

Get all the relevant reports for you and your area in real time, and find out how the story ends. Updated daily.

Frequently asked questions

Do you need help to join the SOSAFE community?

What is the SOSAFE community?

SOSAFE is a mobile application for neighborhood/community safety. By reporting a wide range of risk situations or incidents in your area, SOSAFE helps you connect with neighbors and authorities to quickly get assistance in case of emergencies such as robberies, assaults, suspicious activity, and health problems, among many others.

Who receives my reports?

Your reports are received by all the people in your area who use SOSAFE and our 24/7 call center, which notifies the competent services and institutions that serve your location. If you report an emergency (safety, ambulance or fire), we will also notify all the private groups you are a member of in SOSAFE.

What information is shared when I create a report?

When you create a report you share your geographic location, your first name, and the time and date of he report.

What if I don't have an internet connection?

The SOSAFE app requires an internet connection in order to send the reports effectively and provide the best posible user experience.

What I my phone is turned off or my battery dies?

You will not be able to access the SOSAFE application. We recommend that you always try to have your smartphone charged and the application in an easily accessible place.

Download SOSAFE

Scan this QR code with your camera to download SOSAFE on your phone.

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