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Automate workflows

Automate your everyday tasks. Serving your community is no longer a time consuming job.

Centralize all your data

All the data you care about in one place. Forget having to keep up with multiple platforms.

Real-time information

Always know what's happening. Make better decisions with dynamic charts and heat maps.

Save time and resources

Get more done no matter how many resources you have. Start saving time today.

Reduce workload and save time

Save time by automating your and your team's everyday tasks. From task assignment, to analytics and reporting.

Automate workflows
Instant reporting and analytics
Team collaboration

Make better decisions faster

Collect and view all your data in one place. Make decisions and prioritize based on what matters most to your community.

Safety monitoring
Periodic statistical data
Real-time heat maps

Let them know that you care

Make your work visible to your community. Let them know that you care and work for them every day.

Make your work visible
Send hyperlocal messages
Keep your community informed

Frequently Asked Questions

Which SOSAFE products do I need for my city?

We have 3 main products you can use to improve your daily operations and better serve your community in your city: SOSAFE app, SOSAFE Portal, SOSAFE GO. Most of our customers start with the 3 of them, but some of them prefer to start with SOSAFE Portal with SOSAFE GO.

SOSAFE Portal 👉 for your organization (to register issues, assign tasks, automate workflows and more).
SOSAFE GO 👉 for you and your team (field operations, decentralized team work, reporting and more).
SOSAFE app 👉 for your citizens (allows your citizens and neighbors to report issues you want to you).

Will it work if we don't have response capacity at all?

Yes it will. If you feel your city doesn't have enough resources or capacity to withstand citizen demands, you can still use SOSAFE Portal as a management tool to register and SOSAFE GO to help your team work more efficiently on a daily basis.

Will using this platform increase my workload?

No. It actually can save you time and resources by automating workflows and not having to use multiple platforms to perform your daily tasks. Sometimes you may feel that you will have a "new channel for complaints", but this is not true. You don't need to answer SOSAFE app reports from your community if you don't want to and already feel overwhelmed with requirements coming through the phone, email, your website and social media. You can route your existing channels through SOSAFE Portal so you can answer them through our platform faster. SOSAFE app also makes it easier for you to answer your community's needs and requirements (it's easier for them too!).

What happens in rural areas with low signal?

SOSAFE app does support offline report creation and will send those reports to SOSAFE Portal as soon as the app recovers internet connection. A quick way to know if SOSAFE will work on a specific location is to compare it to other apps you may already use like WhatsApp or Gmail. If those apps work on that location, SOSAFE should work too.

How does pricing work and what is the cost?

We charge a monthly fee depending on your city population size. There is also a free version of SOSAFE for Cities you can start using today. Please contact us to learn more at

Is there an implementation cost?

No, we do not charge you for the implementation of our products. They are ready-to-go solutions.

How long does it take to set it up and start using the platform?

On average, 1 day. If we have all the information we need, less than 2 hours, but normally this extends to 1 day.

Can I customize the platform to our needs?

Yes. We have built our products to be flexible so you can customize it to your needs. From choosing your report types, setting up geo-fences for report reception, creating multiple tags (for better issue classification), and more; to selecting which issues you want your community to inform you about (if you even want them to inform you about city issues). If you need a more specific requirement, when can evaluate developing it and this may lead to additional charges.

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