SOSAFE GO is your field management tool

Know what your team is working on, create and assign tasks, view workload, share location in real-time, and much more.

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Report issues

Allow your team and contractors to inform you of what's happening.

Automate workflows

SOSAFE's smart assignment knows who should know about what.

Easy follow-up

Know where your team is in real-time and get issue update notifications.

Safer workplace

SOSAFE GO helps you build a safer workplace while saving time and money.

More reporting means less accidents

Reduce accidents and help create a safe workplace with your team by letting everyone inform you about issues or problems out there.

Super fast reporting
Automatic assignment
Share with contractors

Live location sharing and workload

Make better assignment decisions by knowing where your team is, who's available and how much workload they have.

Live location sharing
Team member availability
Real-time workload

Better team communication

Receive updates on issues you are following and always know what your team is working on.

Chat with your team
Take and share notes
Receive follow-up notifications

Improve your home safety

Home security tips

Reduce your accident and fatality rates by facilitating the reporting of risk vulnerabilities and security breaches in your field operations.

Tips and tricks

Where to install it

Keep track of what's happening around your facilities and get instant notifications from your teams, on-site or on the road.

Installation tips

Watching your kids and pets

Provide your riders with quick assistance in case of accidents or vehicle theft, and get real-time data to optimize your delivery routes.

What are they up to

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Solve issues faster and effortlessly with SOSAFE GO

Allow your team and contractors to inform you about issues, improvements and potential risks you care about. Visualize and always know what's happening.

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