Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions govern the use of the SOSAFE® software or application and the SOSAFE web platform. The SOSAFE brand and logo are a registered trademark in the name of SOSAFE S.A. Our legal address is located at Loreto 225, commune of Recoleta, Chile.

By checking the confirmation box of age and confirmation action you declare to be over 18 years of age, have read and accept these Terms and Conditions as well as the processing of personal data that SOSAFE performs and that is contained in our Privacy Policy.

The SOSAFE software is the proprietary and exclusive intellectual property of SOSAFE S.A. The modification, translation, adaptation, edition, or any act of reverse engineering, disassembly or decompilation of its code is prohibited without the express authorization of SOSAFE S.A.

📝 Terms of use

SOSAFE® is a free service for individuals that is provided through SOSAFE software and its social network. We reserve the right to deny or restrict access to the social network and / or SOSAFE software or to modify the services we deliver at any time and for any reason. Violation of these Terms and Conditions or of our Privacy Policy will be sufficient cause to end the use of our services permanently. The unauthorized use of intellectual property or the SOSAFE brand will also constitute a sufficient infraction to terminate the use of our services.

By accepting this agreement you acknowledge that the SOSAFE platform constitutes a social network where its content is contributed by both users and the public or private entities that compose it. The content of the reports or comments on the platform are the sole responsibility of those who issue them.

Any modification of these Terms and Conditions, or of our Privacy Policy that governs the data processing of SOSAFE, will govern from its publication on our website. When these modifications have a significant impact on the processing of personal data carried out by SOSAFE or the operation of the application, it will be previously notified to the email address you used to register with us or through the application's interface.

For the purposes of the european General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the basis of our treatment is the provision of a service.

✅ Description of the service and authorized use

SOSAFE® is a social network of citizen collaboration where users and other entities that participate in it share reports and information publicly. By using this service you empower SOSAFE to use, transmit and save the information you publish or disclose through the reports, without prejudice to the limitations established in our Privacy Policy.

SOSAFE® undertakes to provide the user - under the Terms and Conditions of this agreement - access to the service of sending reports provided by SOSAFE, or by third party users of the system and / or third party providers of services and content. SOSAFE is not obliged to take any action regarding the reports made by SOSAFE® users.

For the SOSAFE® reporting service, users must create an account, through which they can access and make use of the services provided by SOSAFE®, or by third-party users of the system and / or third-party service and content providers.

The user acknowledges and accepts that all or part of the Services object of this Agreement may be provided interchangeably by SOSAFE® or any of its users that provide services, which will be subject to the same obligations imposed by these Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.

🚫 Bans

SOSAFE® prohibits the use of its services for illegal or immoral purposes. It is especially prohibited:

  • The publication or propagation of content that incites violence, discrimination or alteration of order.
  • The use of the platform for defamatory, slanderous or threatening or harassing attitudes.
  • The publication or propagation of content that incites violence, discrimination or alteration of order.
  • Use the SOSAFE services for commercial purposes other than those permitted in our Commerce Policy.

  • Access, monitor, copy and store by any means the data shared in SOSAFE without the express authorization of SOSAFE.
  • Perform any action that imposes or may impose a disproportionate burden on SOSAFE's technological or human infrastructure.
  • Use the application for harmful purposes or that affect the usability of other users.

🔐 Safety limitation

The Services and the application may contain links to third-party websites or resources. We provide these links only for your convenience and SOSAFE® is not responsible for the content, products or services on, or available on such sites or resources or links that appear on those sites. You acknowledge exclusive responsibility and assume all risks arising from your use of any third party website or resources.

The provision of our service is offered without guarantee of results for specific purposes. We are not responsible in any way for your use of our software or service. As in any public communication space, SOSAFE has no control or assumes or can assume responsibility for the reports made by our users on the platform. It is our users' responsibility for the security and confidentiality of their password as well as limiting access to their devices. It is forbidden to share your password or account with third parties.

SOSAFE assumes no responsibility for the provision of its free service and does not guarantee the availability or stability of the application.

SOSAFE® does not claim any ownership rights over any Content that you make available through the SOSAFE® Services.

📄 Conditions applicable to our users or paying customer

If you access and use the Services on behalf of a company (such as your employer) or other legal entity, you represent and warrant that you have the authority to bind such company or other legal entity to these Terms. In that case, 'you' and 'your' will refer to that company or other legal entity.

SOSAFE reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to deny access to the Services we offer, at any time and for any reason, including, but not limited to, by virtue of a violation of these Terms and Conditions.

SOSAFE undertakes to use all material and intangible resources, including Software, Hardware and Technical Assistance for the purpose of providing the client - during the validity of the services - the integrated set of contracted Services.

However, the Client acknowledges and accepts that the computer programs are complex tools, susceptible to errors or failures and that, therefore, it is impossible to guarantee that errors or deviations will not appear in a Program or that the operation thereof will be uninterrupted. The error or deviation may affect the function of the application or simply not strictly conform to the specifications contained in the descriptive manuals, without affecting the function of the Application itself. Consequently, SOSAFE undertakes, as far as possible and reasonable, to correct those errors or deviations that affect the specific result of the function corresponding to the SOSAFE Application.

SOSAFE is expressly released from any obligation and responsibility towards the Client, in the following cases:

  • Misuse by the Client of the Programs or use for purposes other than those contracted.
  • Use of the Service with programs that have not been declared compatible by SOSAFE® or its licensors and without being subject to its specifications and instructions.
  • Suspension of the operation of the service provided by SOSAFE®, due to force majeure or fortuitous reasons, such as earthquake, power outages or transmission lines, terrorist acts, electronic problems, etc.
  • Any responsibility arising from the services or response to whom SOSAFE® alerted on behalf of the client.
  • The lack of promptness and quality of the services provided by third parties, provided by virtue of the alert generated by SOSAFE®.
  • Problems arising from the access or use of the Internet or mobile telephone network by the Client.

The customer is solely responsible for the use of the services according to the license and / or terms and conditions of third parties or third-party services (including your telephone, email and / or mobile phone and internet providers), and SOSAFE® will not be held responsible, nor of any nature for the breach of the same by the client.

SOSAFE is not responsible for (i) The accuracy or reliability of any opinion, advice or statement made by anyone other than SOSAFE® (ii) Any content or notice provided by third parties. It is the client's responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, integrity or usefulness of any content, opinion, advice or other provision obtained from or through the services or from a third party.

After the date on which the event occurred that serves as the basis for a claim or underlying action. To the extent permitted by law, the client releases SOSAFE® for any claim or liability in relation to the contacts, data and content delivered and published by the client in the SOSAFE application or site.

The Client must provide SOSAFE® with all the necessary information and collaboration that it requires in order to implement and provide the contracted Services. The customer must use the SOSAFE® Application in accordance with applicable laws and good faith and in a manner consistent with the permitted use of such Network and Services and these Terms and Conditions.

SOSAFE is not responsible for customer data and content, accessible or provided on or through SOSAFE® services.

The Client is solely responsible for:

  • The hiring of adequate and necessary telephone and internet services for the access and provision of the SOSAFE® Application and services.
  • That the data of your contacts correspond to telephone numbers enabled.
  • Compliance with all laws applicable to the publication and distribution of such data and content.
  • The Client will be solely responsible for keeping their contact information updated by sending their update request to contacto@sosafe.cl.
  • The inability to access the Client's Website by one or more Internet users will not generate any responsibility for SOSAFE®.
  • Maintenance of the necessary equipment for access and provision of SOSAFE® services.

The client will not use the Application and Services provided by SOSAFE® in any way that infringes, weakens, misappropriates or otherwise violates the right to privacy or other personal rights or any other type of rights. SOSAFE® reserves the right to verify the data and request the necessary documentation for it and to eliminate accounts or data that present disagreement, such as false data, phishing, duplication of data, incomplete data among others.

SOSAFE® does not grant any express or implied warranty in relation to the Services it provides in order for them to function or operate interrupted or error-free. Consequently, SOSAFE® will not have any responsibility for the loss of data or information of the client or his contacts, nor for any other losses, damages and / or damages that may be caused in the person or goods or information of the client, of its dependents, its customers or third parties, as a result of, or related to or as a consequence of the provision of the services object of this Contract by SOSAFE® and its personnel, among others and, particularly, due to interruptions, malfunctions or errors of the equipment, and / or of any of its hardware or software components, or in the execution of the Services; except only as such losses, damages and / or damages were directly and exclusively attributable to the own fault or intent of SOSAFE® or its dependents, but always and in all cases limited to the actual, direct and anticipated damages or losses.

The total contractual, extra-contractual or any other nature of SOSAFE®, if any, for any and all damages or losses caused to or caused to the client, its employees, customers or third parties, for any cause or reason related to This contract is conventionally and expressly limited to the amount actually paid to SOSAFE® for the last month in which the Services were provided. This clause will remain in force even after the termination of the contract for any reason.

The client acknowledges that SOSAFE® owns the intellectual rights over the application, software and services provided by SOSAFE® - as the owner and / or licensee of them - and that it has been authorized to market the Services. Therefore, the client is obliged to respect said ownership, license, rights and interests, and in no case can claim any right of ownership over them.

The client acknowledges that the software and the application may include certain elements of third-party proprietary software, including known software, without such enunciation being taxative, and therefore undertakes not to replicate or distribute said software or use it for purposes other than your own business activity.

The client may not sell, license, assign or otherwise transfer, or copy all or part of the software or services, nor may it do so for its affiliates or subsidiaries or for any third party unless it has been granted authorization in this regard. this agreement.

The customer may not alter, decode, decompile, disassemble with inverse processes or reproduce any aspect of the Software unless legally permitted. Nor may you copy, resell, assign, transfer or otherwise provide access to any third party to the Services or Software or use them for the benefit of content belonging to third parties, unless otherwise agreed.

The information and content of the Services (including, but not limited to, messages, information, data, texts, music, sounds, photos, graphics, videos, maps, icons, software, codes or any other material), as well as the Infrastructure used to provide such content and information is owned by SOSAFE®. You agree not to modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, reproduce, publish, license, transfer, sell or resell any information, software, products or services obtained from or through the Services offered by SOSAFE® or text messages sent by SOSAFE®.

All the stipulations contained in these Terms and Conditions are extensive for SOSAFE customers. The direct or indirect breach of the SOSAFE Privacy Policy and the use of the personal data of its users by the client or its dependents or related entities constitutes a serious breach that will make the client responsible for all direct and indirect damages that may be caused derive from said breach.

The obligations and rights contracted by this agreement by the client are not transferable.

💳 Subscriptions

About benefits
Access to certain features of our Service is subject to you activating a subscription to the Service ("Subscription").As a SOSAFE Premium you will receive access to certain sections, features and functions of the Products that are not available to non-members. SOSAFE Premium memberships and subscriptions are not transferable and therefore cannot be sold or exchanged or transferred in any way whatsoever.

Main subscriptions policies
All Subscription fees payments and cancellations (and any other payments associated with the Service) are handled by the third-party app store from which the Service can be downloaded, such as Apple or Google (each an "App Store"). We do not process any payments from you or make any refunds to you directly. Payments made to the App Store will be subject to the App Store's own terms and conditions ("App Store Terms"). We encourage you to carefully review the applicable App Store Terms and conditions and privacy notices before you use those sites to download and install the Service or purchase any Subscriptions. We accept no responsibility for the App Store's sites, apps, services, practices or privacy policies. Any free trial to the Service is offered at our discretion and we may withdraw this offer at any time. A free trial to the Service will automatically renew as a paid subscription unless auto-renew is turned off at least twenty-four (24) hours before the end of the free trial period. Please refer to your App Store Terms for information on how to do this. We (or the App Store) may immediately suspend your access to the Service if your Subscription is not paid by you until such time as the full amount has been paid. If any amount remains unpaid following our notice to you, we may end your rights under these Terms (see further information in the "Right to Suspend Access to Service" section below).

About Subscription fee changes
Subscription fees are subject to change, at our discretion, we and/or the App Store, will let you know in advance. Any increase in the Subscription fees will not apply to the current Subscription period. If you do not agree to a Subscription fee increase, remember that you can always cancel your Subscription before your next Subscription period starts – see the "How to Cancel your Subscription" section below. If you do not cancel your Subscription after receiving notice of a change in Subscription fee, you will be obliged to pay the new Subscription fee from the date on which the next Subscription period commences.

📖 Applicable law and extension of competition

In those cases and places where it is valid, this agreement is governed by the material law of Chile and the courts of Santiago de Chile will be competent to resolve any dispute related to these Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and SOSAFE® services. The eventual nullity or unenforceability of part of these Terms and Conditions will not result in the rest of these provisions in accordance with the law.

 📅 Validity of the terms and conditions

These Terms and Conditions entered into force on the Jan 01, 2020. Previous versions of these may be found here. We will inform you every time these Terms and Conditions undergo an essential modification that produces relevant changes in the provision of the service or the processing of your personal data.