Improving safety on every industry

SOSAFE helps you improve your health, safety, security and environment (HSSE) in your company. Creating a better workplace is easier with SOSAFE.

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Be aware of risk factors in your mining operations on a daily basis. Let your employees and contractors inform you of what is happening.

Highway & Roadside Assistance

Improve how you give assistance to your users. Register incidents and share your assistance vehicle's location to show them that help is on the way.

Transport & Logistics

Know where your fleet is at all times and that goods arrived safely to their destination. Alert your drivers of issues on the road to keep them safe.

Energy, Oil & Gas

Get real-time visibility of potential risks and help keep everyone safe. Standardize processes and be able to reach any team, any time.


Create plans and keep everyone safe on any construction site. Reduce asset loss, save time and monitor progress from your desktop or phone.


Keep everything on track. Manage all of your safety reporting in one tool, with the ability to track the progress or status of reports.


Allow your staff to alert you of wood theft, truck damage or a fire. Automate emergency protocols and improve response times upon incidents.

Retail & Shopping Malls

Create and automate alerts to know when a suspicious vehicle has entered your shopping mall. Let your workers inform you about risks easily.


Reduce your food loss by allowing your staff to report theft anonymously. Keep track of problems, requirements, and assign tasks to your team.


Help your team inform you of problems and delays on ports. Comply with your company HSE goals easily while creating a safety culture.

Cities & Governments

Keep track of your neighbors and city requirements in one place. Automatically assign issues to the corresponding department and more.

Firefighters & First Responders

Reduce response times and assign emergencies efficiently to the nearest first responder. Automate procedures to save time and lives.

Police & Law Enforcement

Know where crime is happening and dispatch your resources efficiently. Assign patrols based on their location and availability.

Gig Workers & Delivery

Create a safer work environment for your gig workers. Let them alert you upon emergencies and provide the help they need in time.

A platform that streamlines your paperwork and processes

Automate Workflows

Streamline how you conduct, manage and action risk assessments. Standardize processes, assign and notify the right people automatically.

Asset Management

Manage your plant, equipment and assets safely and efficiently. From inspections and registers to maintenance and servicing.

Reports and Analytics

Improve how you document, manage and track safety processes including incident reports and more to remain compliant while keeping everyone safe.


Easily share data with other platforms or receive and manage all your data on SOSAFE. Works for a specific use case, to your entire organization.

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