SOSAFE Portal is your issue management system

Centralize, visualize and easily manage issues with SOSAFE Portal. Save time, resources and even lives.

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Streamline your day to day

SOSAFE Portal collects and assigns issues to the corresponding team in your company. Automatically.

Real-time issue tracking and team visibility

Know and be informed of what's happening at your company anytime. Connect with your team and solve problems faster together.

Real-time issue tracking
Live team location
Automate workflows
Live location sharing of user on mapLive location sharing of user on mapMap showing users live location
Bar chart showing number of events per day

Data informed decision making

Spend less time organizing and analyzing your data. Make better decisions faster and get the job done with half the effort. Knowing what's important and prioritizing issues it's easier with SOSAFE Portal.

Incident heatmaps
Trends and peak hours
Performance indicators

Integrate everything

Seamlessly connect your website, GPS vehicles, drones, security cameras, mobile app, CAD or ERP with our developer-friendly API.

Connect your cameras, GPS vehicles, and more
Send and receive data through our API
Use your existing tools with SOSAFE
Map showing users live location

Track issues

Create and track issues in less than 5 seconds. Track anything and everything you consider important for your company's operation and safety.

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Incident heatmap

Get automatic issue heatmaps. Visualize where things are happening and share it with your company and team members.

Team collaboration

Customize and select the issues you want to be informed about in your company. Let your team collaborate in creating a safety culture.

Location sharing

Allow your team or vehicle fleet to share their location with you. Know where they are and the workload they have for better issue assignment.

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Trend charts

Make better decisions and prioritize easily with better data visualization. See if things are improving or need to be taken care of.

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Import/export data

Already tracking things on another platform? No problem. Import and export your data effortlessly with SOSAFE Portal.

Solve issues faster and effortlessly with SOSAFE Portal

Allow your team and contractors to inform you about issues, improvements and potential risks you care about. Visualize and always know what's happening.

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