Frequently Asked Questions

Community — How does it work

Do you have tutorial or explanatory videos of the SOSAFE application?
What should I do to have the SOSAFE application?

Simply download the application on your mobile phone through the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android), depending on the operating system of your phone. Once downloaded and installed on your phone, you must create a free account by following the instructions on the screen.

How do I connect to my municipality or add another service?

You do not need to do it, SOSAFE does this for you automatically. When you send a report, SOSAFE takes the location of it and determines which municipality or services to notify depending on the location and type of report you are doing. If you want your municipality to have SOSAFE, ask your local authorities directly. If you want other services or organizations to incorporate SOSAFE, write to us

How do I make a report?

Simply click on the yellow “Report” button, located at the bottom right of the map, and select the type of incident you want to report. You can take a picture and add a description to the report to complement the information. You can also choose whether to notify the neighbors of the sector or not.

When you are in an emergency where you do not have much time to specify what happens, click on the blue “I need help” button, located at the bottom of the map, and choose the type of emergency you want to notify.

Please check the place you are marking on the map with the central pin before making a report. If you can, wait a couple of seconds for your smartphone and GPS to geolocate you better. Remember that SOSAFE allows you to manually adjust the location by moving the central pin that has your photo or avatar. This is important since you will be saying that something is happening in that place.

Can I ask for help from a third party or someone other than me?

Yes, no problem. Keep in mind that doing so will show you how you sent the report. and this has a 1km radius limit from your location, for security reasons.

Remember to invite your neighbors, family and friends to have SOSAFE, in this way everyone can report something or ask for help when needed and not depend on third parties to do so.

What happens if I accidentally press the “I need help” button?

It is not a problem, the application will show you 4 options to send the report. After pressing any of them, you will have 3 seconds to cancel the shipment. After this and if you did not cancel the sending of the report, you will give notice to the local institutions and services. The notice to neighbors in this case will only happen if you write and tell more about what is happening.

My automatic location was not very precise, what can I do?

The automatic location of the SOSAFE application depends on several factors related to your mobile phone and environment. In case of not having a precise location, you can adjust it manually simply by resting your finger on the map and sliding the pin with your profile picture or avatar to where you want to report that something is happening.

How do I create a group in SOSAFE?

Very simple, go to the application menu and then to the Groups section. Here, choose the option Create, when you want to create a new group, or Join, in case you want to join an existing group. In the upper right corner of this section you will also find these options.

How do I add people to a group?

Go to the application menu and then to the Groups section. Choose the group in which you want to add people. Within this group, go to the upper right corner, where the additional options are, and choose the one that says ”Invite member”. Share the invitation link with the person you want to add or indicate the invitation code to enter manually.

How do I join a group?

Go to the application menu and then to the Groups section. Then choose the additional options button that is in the upper right corner. Choose the option that says ”Join a group”. Once chosen, enter the invitation code of the group you want to join.

If you received an invitation to a group from another person you know, click on the link and let SOSAFE take care of the rest. In this case it is preferable that you already have the application installed.

What happens if the person to whom I send the invitation does not have SOSAFE?

It is not a problem, SOSAFE automatically detects these cases and asks the person to download SOSAFE. Once this is done, you should visualize that you are already a member of the group. If this does not happen, enter the invitation code or click again on the group invitation link.

Do you have a guide with best practices and use of SOSAFE?

Yes we have, and we invite you to read our Community Guide. In it we indicate how to proceed and what all members of the SOSAFE community have to bear in mind.

Community — My account

Why do I have to create an account?

Because you will need it to be able to access the SOSAFE application. It is also important because with your data your neighbors, family and friends will know that you are you. In addition, support services can give you a quick and better response when you need them.

Does it have any associated cost to create an account?

No, the account is completely free.

Does the application have a cost?

No, the application is totally free.

How do I create an account?

You must first download and install the SOSAFE application. Follow the instructions on the screen and sign up for one of the three possible options: Facebook, phone number or email. Then follow the registration steps to create your account.

This is only necessary to do it the first time you enter SOSAFE. After. When you re-open the application, you will go directly to SOSAFE.

What do I do if I do not get the verification code?

When you register with your phone in the SOSAFE app or you want to verify your phone, you will be sent a 6-digit verification code. This code should reach you via SMS in less than 1 minute, but in some cases it probably will not reach you. If so, try again. If this continues to fail, try signing in with your email or your Facebook account. If all this fails, write us to indicating the problem so we can help you.

How do I delete my account?

It is not necessary to delete or delete your account, you just need to close your session. If you still want to do it, just send us an email to and we will do it for you.

Do I have to have an account to use SOSAFE?

Yes, it is necessary to access the application and report incidents.

I forgot my registration email, can I get it back?

If you do not remember your email, try entering with your phone number and you're done. If this does not work, write us to and we will help you recover it.

Can my account be blocked?

We do not like doing it, but we can. We want SOSAFE to be pleasant for everyone and when we detect misuse, we can block the account temporarily or indefinitely depending on the case. You can learn more about this by reviewing our Community Guide.

Community — Why use the app

Why should I have SOSAFE?

Because SOSAFE coexists a community that collaborates to solve everyone's problems. We connect you with your neighbors and it is also free. With SOSAFE you not only improve your security network, but also protect your loved ones. In some places we also connect you with public institutions such as municipalities, police, firemen, ambulances, among others so that together you can build safer neighborhoods and more organized cities.

I have a company where I would like to incorporate the SOSAFE system, how do I get more information?

Simply contact us at We will gladly explain and clarify your doubts.

I would like to have SOSAFE connected to the services of my community, neighborhood, building or condominium, what can I do?

We are happy to help you, write to us and tell us where you live or where you want us to help you and solve it.

I work in the government and I would like to protect our commune with SOSAFE, what do I have to do?

Write us to and we will schedule a meeting to present our solution for Municipalities and governments. SOSAFE is designed to help and function in any type of municipality, in addition to connecting their neighbors.

Community — Security & Privacy

How safe is SOSAFE?

So safe. Our system has several security filters, including encrypted messaging and SSL a blocking system for users who misuse the application.

What happens if there is another person using my data?

In that case you must contact us at explicando la situación y nosotros lo resolveremos a la brevedad. Revisa también lo que indica nuestra Community Guide about this.

How are the inofficious or false calls filtered?

Our system automatically detects and blocks users who make false calls. The measures range from the temporary blocking of an account to its permanent elimination.

How can I report misuse in the application?

You can do it by reporting the report or comment that seems inappropriate. We then review these cases and determine whether or not it warrants the blocking of that user's account. You can learn more about this in our Community Guide.