Make tangible your efforts toimprove riders' safetyin the street

From accidents to vehicle theft, delivery app riders are exposed to all kinds of risks virtually 100% of the time they spend on the streets.

How can delivery apps show they care about their riders' safety, and also provide a sense of support and protection to every man and woman making their routes?

Our Solution

SOSAFE allows riders to easily notify first responders and headquarters in case of emergency, in addition to providing real-time security data for delivery route optimization.


  • Panic button to quickly get help in case of accidents or vehicle theft
  • Every report is sent to supervisors at headquarters, as well as security and assistance services in the area
  • GPS and statistical data provide a historical, real-time map of incidents in a given area
  • Rider enrollment for 24/7 rider protection and self-care/branding campaigns
  • Built-in private group chats that connect seamlessly with public security and assistance services
"SOSAFE gives peace of mind to the thousands of people who have found a livelihood for their families in the last-mile delivery industry" - Javier Aránguiz, PedidosYa


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