Monitor therisks to your retail operationsanywhere, at all times

Knowing where the risks are –on delivery routes and around store locations– is crucial to quickly react and protect staff, assets and merchandise in the retail sector.

SOSAFE helps retail chains monitor their fleet operations and everything going on near their facilities.

Our Solution

The SOSAFE web portal and mobile app provide real-time information about the ground conditions affecting retail operations.


  • No user enrollment required, just download the SOSAFE mobile app & start reporting.
  • Monitor hundreds of facilities and vehicles in one centralized platform.
  • Track multiple risks to your facilities and vehicle fleet in real-time (mechanical problems, safety issues, theft, etc)
  • Three sources of alerts: your mobile workforce, your security personnel and people living around your facilities
  • Quickly assist your mobile workforce in case of emergency
  • GPS data allows to quickly find report location
  • Solid architecture (1.2 mn users), GDPR compliant
"SOSAFE helps us monitor fleet operations. We now can make better decisions and be aware of what's happening around our installations" - Claudio Espinoza, Walmart


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