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Let everyone help create a safer workplace

Allow your entire organization to report issues or problems that need to be solved. Creating a safer workplace starts by getting everyone involved.

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Report issues and notify the right people instantly

Allow all your employees and contractors to report issues they see on your company. From our app SOSAFE GO anyone can help create a safer workplace and keep you updated of what is happening.

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Automatic issue geolocation
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Works even when offline
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QR-code scanner
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Create and customize dynamic inspections

Conduct inspections and audits directly from your phone. Create your own checklists and forms in minutes. Easily create and assign tasks to teams or individuals.

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Create your own forms and inspections
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Create and assign tasks automatically
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Define question order based on answers

Have an overview and get to the root cause

Know and be informed of what's happening at your company anytime. See what requires your attention, prioritize tasks and track improvement. Connect with your team and solve problems faster together.

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Have charts based on the KPIs you need
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Get detailed information of what happened
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Identify improvement areas
Map showing users live location
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Issue Reporting

Allow all employees and contractors to report incidents, follow-up tasks, ideas and other observations.

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Inspections & Audits

Make paper inspections a thing of the past. Build dynamic forms and conduct inspections directly from your phone.

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Have a secure and anonymous channel for confidential reporting to help you comply with policies and regulations.

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Share important information, news and tips with your company. Create a safety culture by sharing improvements and learnings.

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Analytics & Trends

Create and customize reports to your needs. Track important KPIs and share results with your team and organization.

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Already viewing data on another platform? No problem. Import, export or connect your favorite tools with SOSAFE.

What clients say about us

Save up to 70% of administrative work and get 3x more visibility of what is happening out there. Take your paper checklists and Excel spreadsheet to the next level. Making a safer workplace is easier with SOSAFE.

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We are very happy with SOSAFE. It has allowed us to manage more than 50 possible daily risks in Escondida, it was such a success that we expanded it to all BHP operations in Chile, and we would like it to expand to the rest of BHP's operations in the world.

William Thomson

We now do all of our inspections with SOSAFE GO. The app is really easy to use and we can customize forms to our needs.

Lucía Parra

SOSAFE has become an important tool for controlling the proper functioning of all processes, where the users of different services themselves become part of the line control, improving not only the well-being of workers, but also alerting of situations that They can generate deviations in the correct running of the processes. SOSAFE is, for this superintendency, a means of direct control delivered by all users and workers, transforming them into main actors and controllers to improve processes.

Andrés Arenas

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