Commerce Policy

1. Overview

The products and services that are sold or offered in SOSAFE must comply with our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Community Guide and Commerce Policy. Our Commerce Policy establishes rules on the types of products and services that can be offered for sale or offered at SOSAFE. Buyers and sellers are also responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations. Failure to comply with these laws or regulations can have different consequences, including the deletion of published content. If you post content that violates SOSAFE's policies repeatedly, we may take additional action on your account. We reserve the right to reject, approve or delete publications for any reason and at our sole discretion.

When you offer products or services for sale, we consider that all messages and multimedia files related to such products and services, such as descriptions, prices, rates, taxes or required legal notices, constitute sales. Sales must comply with the policies listed below, as well as the applicable conditions, laws and regulations.

You are solely responsible for your sales and for providing the sales, privacy or other conditions applicable to the interactions you have with users.

It is not our responsibility to process, pay or finalize your sales.

You are solely responsible for determining, collecting, withholding, reporting, and remitting all taxes, obligations, fees, and additional charges related to your sales.

2. Prohibited content

The examples below are representative, not exhaustive. Selling or offering the following is prohibited:

Illegal products or services
The marketing or exchange of illegal products or services is prohibited.

Drugs (whether prescription, recreational, or otherwise)
The sale of prescription, recreational, or illegal drugs is prohibited.


  • ❌ Drugs, including marijuana and its derivatives
  • ❌ Drug related items like pipes and hookahs
  • ❌ Prescription drugs

Tobacco products or related items
The sale of tobacco products and related items is prohibited.


  • βœ… Garments with the logo of a tobacco brand
  • ❌ Cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco
  • ❌ Tobacco pipes and related items
  • ❌ Cigarette rolling machines
  • ❌ Hookahs
  • ❌ Water pipes.
  • ❌ Smoking paper
  • ❌ Electronic cigarettes or tobacco smoking devices

The sale of alcohol is prohibited.


  • βœ… Books or DVDs on alcoholic beverages
  • βœ… Items related to alcoholic beverages, including glasses, coolers and wine bottle holders
  • ❌ Alcoholic beverages
  • ❌ Kits to produce alcoholic beverages

Unsafe food supplements
The sale of unsafe food supplements is prohibited, as determined by SOSAFE at its sole discretion.


  • ❌ Steroids
  • ❌ Chitosan
  • ❌ Comfrey
  • ❌ Dehydroepiandrosterone
  • ❌ Ephedra
  • ❌ Human growth hormones

Weapons, ammunition, or explosives
The sale or use of weapons, ammunition, or explosives is prohibited.


  • ❌ Promotion of security training or licenses to carry legal weapons
  • ❌ Firearms and their parts
  • ❌ Paintball guns
  • ❌ Compressed air pistols
  • ❌ Fireworks
  • ❌ Pepper spray
  • ❌ Stun Guns
  • ❌ Shooting ranges
  • ❌ Weapon exhibitions

The sale of animals is prohibited.

  • βœ… Animal cages
  • βœ… Products for animals (toys, collars, etc.)
  • βœ… Veterinary services
  • βœ… Cleaning services
  • βœ… Pet accommodation services
  • ❌ Live animals
  • ❌ Cattle
  • ❌ Prohibited parts of the body of an animal, including, but not limited to, bones, teeth, antlers, ivory, taxidermy, organs, external limbs, secretions, or carcasses
  • ❌ Any product or part, including, but not limited to, leather, fur, fur, wool, or fur of endangered dogs, cats, and animals or endangered species

Products or services for adults
The sale or use of adult products or services is prohibited.


  • ❌ Products that promote family planning and contraception, focused on their contraceptive characteristics and not on sexual pleasure or improved sexual performance
  • ❌ Sex Toys
  • ❌ Videos or live entertainment programs for adults
  • ❌ Products to improve sexual performance
  • ❌ Sexually suggestive services

Fluids and body parts
The sale of fluids or parts of the human body is prohibited.


  • ❌ Blood
  • ❌ Wigs and extensions
  • ❌ Urine
  • ❌ Body parts
  • ❌ Organs
  • ❌ Human tissue
  • ❌ Teeth

Medical and health products
Sales related to certain health products, including medical devices and smoking cessation products containing nicotine, are prohibited.
Medical Devices - Examples:

  • βœ… Lifestyle & Fitness Accessories
  • ❌ Contact lenses
  • ❌ Bandages and girdles for physical injuries
  • ❌ Thermometers
  • ❌ Test kits for medical conditions or diseases
  • ❌ Milk suckers
  • ❌ First aid kits

Smoking Cessation Products - Examples

  • ❌ Nicotine patches
  • ❌ Nicotine gum

Items or products that show explicit sexual positions
Displaying products or services in a sexually suggestive way is prohibited.


  • ❌ Implicit nudes
  • ❌ Implicit sexual acts
  • ❌ Sexual images

Real money betting services
Offerings and sales related to betting, skill games or lotteries, including online casinos, sports betting, bingo or poker (if you bet money), or to facilitate these services are prohibited.

Dating services
Offerings and sales related to online dating services or facilitating such services are prohibited.

Products or articles that facilitate or motivate unauthorized access to digital media
The sale of devices that facilitate or encourage the transmission of digital content without authorization or in a way that interferes with the functionality of electronic devices is prohibited.


  • βœ… Complementary equipment for transmission devices, such as keyboards and remote controls
  • ❌ Sale of transmission devices whose software facilitates unauthorized access to content
  • ❌ Devices released or with pre-installed software / programs (s)
  • ❌ Interference devices or decoders
  • ❌ Devices to intervene telephones

Digital and subscription services, including links to sales, renewals or updates of a subscription or its processing
The sale (including renewals and updates, etc.) of content, subscriptions or digital accounts is prohibited.


  • βœ… Authentic video or audio CD, DVD or Blu Ray
  • βœ… Digital devices, including smartphones, video game consoles, and televisions
  • ❌ Downloadable content, including PDF, music, games, movies, etc.
  • ❌ Digital accounts, including game accounts
  • ❌ Digital subscriptions and internet transmission services, including TV, cell phones, etc.
  • ❌ Digital Coupons

Business models, products, items or services that we determine are or may be fraudulent, misleading or offensive, that are or may be exploitative or inappropriate, or that exert or may exert undue pressure on target groups
Sale related to misleading, false or offensive offers or products is prohibited.


  • ❌ Multilevel Marketing
  • ❌ Bidding auctions
  • ❌ Initial offers of cryptocurrencies and binary options
  • ❌ Microcredits after verification of recurring income, salary advances, P2P loans, debt collection and sureties
  • ❌ Diet products, for weight loss or related to health that involve or intend to generate a negative self-perception

Real, virtual or false currence.
The sale of real, virtual or false currency is prohibited.


  • ❌ Real money (cash or equivalent instruments and coins)
  • ❌ Fake money or replicas
  • ❌ Cryptocurrency or digital currency
  • ❌ Active bank debit or credit cards
  • ❌ Coupons or credit cards from a store
  • ❌ Prepaid debit or credit cards
  • ❌ Checks or check books
  • ❌ Equipment to counterfeit money or financial instruments

Third party rights infringement
Sales cannot include content that infringes or violates the intellectual property rights of third parties, including copyrights or trademarks. This includes, among other things, the sale of counterfeit products, such as imitation items that bear a brand name or logo or include distinctive features of another company's products in order to imitate a genuine product.


  • ❌ Counterfeits, imitations or replicas of branded products, or publications that offer products that are likely to mislead customers regarding their origin, sponsorship or affiliation
  • ❌ Pirated or unauthorized copies of works protected by copyright, such as videos, movies, broadcasts or TV shows, video games, CDs or other musical works, books, etc.