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Connect your app, camera, alarm, software and more with SOSAFE through our API.

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Use cases

Send alerts to SOSAFE

From fires, to crimes, send alerts to SOSAFE to inform the community of what's happening.

Explore our API

Please be our guest if you are just curious and want to try our API out.

Integrate your software or app

Integrate and connect your software with SOSAFE. Send and receive alerts in real-time.

Get alerts from your security devices

Connect your smart camera, sensor or other device to our API and receive a push notification on SOSAFE.

And much more!

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Improve your home safety

Home security tips

Reduce your accident and fatality rates by facilitating the reporting of risk vulnerabilities and security breaches in your field operations.

Tips and tricks

Where to install it

Keep track of what's happening around your facilities and get instant notifications from your teams, on-site or on the road.

Installation tips

Watching your kids and pets

Provide your riders with quick assistance in case of accidents or vehicle theft, and get real-time data to optimize your delivery routes.

What are they up to

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Scan the risk factors in your communities and centralize your communication channels in a single digital platform.

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Get started with our API

Start building the next big thing with SOSAFE's API. Take a look at our documentation and let us know when you're ready to go live.

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Subscribe to SOSAFE Premium so you can alert your neighbors and local authorities when your camera notifies you of an intruder

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